Athlete of the month

He's a sucker for punishment. He arrives in one set of clothing and leaves in another. He runs more than most would even like to imagine. He's always up for a challenge. His knowledge on a spreadsheet would make your brain hurt... he's fast... he's furious... he's June's athlete of the month - Greg Perks.

“ What is your favorite movement?
Gymnstically, it would be doing Pull ups or T2B, and lifting-wise, Snatches are fast becoming a favourite. ”

1. When did you join CFHB?
I joined about 150 WODS ago, together with Nicky in March 2015

2. How did you hear about CFHB?
Nicky and I had been wanting to try CF for some time, and when Nicky spotted the CFHB signboard, we signed up immediately!

3. What do you remember about your first class? 
I remember doing a lot of running in the dark and being very un-coordinated with the PVC pipe

4. What is your favorite movement? 
Gymnstically, it would be doing Pull ups or T2B, and lifting-wise, Snatches are fast becoming a favourite.

5. What is your least favorite movement? 
For now it is Double-Unders, purely because I have not put enough work into them. I aim to turn this one into my favourite movement!

6. Do you have any lucky habbits or pre-wod rituals you follow?  
Yes, Most training days, I aim to arrive at class with only a few seconds to spare. The closer I get to being late, the better I perform in the WOD J

7. Can you share some advice/tips for someone just starting CrossFit? 
Sure – Don’t think that any movement  is impossible for you – rather make a conscious decision to get it, even if it takes a while. Take lots of small steps and before you know it you’ll be there.

8. What has CrossFit done for you? 
Being more of a trail runner before CF, my upper body strength was lacking and CrossFit has helped me get more balance. Now I can say that I am more of a CrossFitter than a runner. This is because I now CrossFit 4 to 6 times per week, and if I am lucky I get to run once or twice. It’s also not only about the physical stuff. CFHB is a great community and I have made many new friends. Most importantly, CrossFit is a sport that Nicky and I can do together, and is a sport we share a common interest in.

9. Besides CrossFit, what do you do in your spare time? 
We may pop down to the beach with the girls surfboards, or chill at home in the pool, play on the trampoline or jungle gym. A weekly trail run with my mates along the back trail from Ruyterplaats to Tarragona is normal. Some say I may spend too much time mucking about with Microsoft Excel J

10. Do you follow a specific eating plan, if so could you share your favorite go to meal / smoothie / piece of nutritional advice. 
We follow the LCHF way of eating. There is no bread, pasta, potato or added sugar, and recently I have cut out caffeine and reduced dairy quite a bit. My favourite quick meal is to fry up 3 eggs with a generous dollop of lightly salted butter. A little cheese melted on top with a sprinkling of fresh herbs, and of course some bacon on the side is always a winner. My advice for everyone would be to avoid all processed and sugary foods.

11. We all know you're into adventure and trail running. What are some of your achievements in the running world. Races, distances, times etc. 
My longest non-stop run was the Tuffer Puffer in 2014 which was 146km and took just under 27 hours to complete. Last year I ran another long one,  The North Face Lavaredo in Italy, which was 119km and had 6000m of elevation gain. It took just over 24 hours with some spectacular night running.


12. How do you prepare for a very long trail run? 
I do very little mileage in preparation for long events when compared to most runners. I think a mixture of diet and other types of training (CrossFit, cardio, sprinting, hill training) help this. I would normally do about 40 – 60km per week for the last few weeks prior to a run of over 100km.  By being in dietary ketosis in the weeks leading up to a long run, means that I am not forced to eat carby supplements and gels on the run. High carb supplements when taken for hours on end will cause most runners to end up with stomach issues. So instead, most of my fueling on the run will come from body fat reserves and supplemented by normal food, such as biltong, wors, nuts and eggs.


13. Does your CrossFit training help with your overall running fitness and injury prevention?
CrossFit has helped me with overall core strength so I am less fatigued on a long run and this helps with endurance. Roughly at the same time as starting CrossFit last year I was battling with ongoing Achilles Tendonitis  and just running through the pain. Maybe because I run less now than I did then, and because I stretch more and do more varied exercise with CrossFit, my Achilles issues are now hardly noticeable (and of course having a great physio is key - Thanks Jenny!)

Deep South Throw Down

The workouts have been released. The hype is in the freezing cold winter air, all athletes from CrossFit Hout Bay are set to throwdown on Saturday at the Deep South Throw Down, hosted by CrossFit Kommetjie.
For many, this is their first ever taste of the competative action, the hard work has been put in, so it's time to see what everyone is made of.

“ Deep South Throw Down is an annual fitness challenge that aims to connect athletes
of different fitness levels, training facilities and regions.
To forge friendships and community spirit and to celebrate health and fitness. ”

The setup is as follows: Each individual athlete or team will get 1 hour to complete 3 workouts, the highest score wins!

The workouts:

4 minutes :
Warm up/Masi Muscle Complex Prep
6 minutes :
Workout A : Masi Muscle Complex :
1 Power Clean ( or Squat Clean )
1 Front Squat
1 Shoulder to Overhead
1 Squat Front
Score : Max weight
Tie break : Relative Weight

Rest : 5 minutes

Workout B : Stop & Go

8 Timed Stations
Individuals 90 sec on 30 sec off. Partners 2 minutes each station with no rest.
#1 1 leg box jumps
#2 handstand walks
#3 atomic sit ups
#4 toes to bar / strict pull ups
#5 weighted push ups
#6 bear hug squats
#7 long jumps
#8 triple unders
Score : Max reps
Rest : 7 minutes

Workout C : Unbroken

7 Deadlifts
14 single leg burpees
28 Unbroken Double unders

Score : rounds and reps

Total time including rest - 48 minutes

3 workouts in an hour was tough for everyone. The guys showed up early, and supported each and every heat that went down. There were some big numbers going down from everyone taking part and everyone's eyes turned into giant saucers.
The guys warmed up. 3 2 1 GO and off they went. Everyone poured their hearts out onto the floor and at the end of the day the results speak for themselves. CrossFit Hout Bay cleaned up and took 3 first places overall.
1st place - Mens scaled divison AND masters
1st place - Ladies team scaled

1st place - Mixed team scaled